“All participants have been involved from the outset and are integrally embedded into the project and program structures created by the CRC to drive the whole value chain from end-user through R&D to market and community adoption. Collaboration, particularly between researchers, industry and communicators, is strong and is also facilitated by the CRC’s vertically and horizontally integrated structure.” Independent CRC Performance Review Panel, June 2015

The Centre for Invasive Species Solutions will take the best of the Invasive Animals CRC forward.

  • End User and Demand Driven. Knowledge and innovation to meet the needs of industry, government and the community to reduce the impact of invasive species.
  • Strong Partner Engagement. An inclusive and engaged culture to drive innovation through collaboration.
  • Shared Mission for Efficient Results. Government-industry partnerships to invest in shared outcomes. Delivery of collaborative solutions to maximise investor returns.
  • National Reach. Focus on new technologies and management practices that have national and international application delivered through a partnership model.
  • Research to Extension Scope. Connecting world class research capability to agencies and staff that can drive innovation into on-ground practice.