We invite you to become a part of the new way to drive pest animal management innovation through collaborative RD&E. Chose to get involved in the way that suits you best

Investor Class Example investors Terms What will they invest in
Member Governments and industry organisations 7 years Annual cash base subscription + plus special program and project funding (which can include in-kind contributions) Control long term vision Core operations, program and services. Core joint government-industry programs could include wild dogs, rabbit biocontrol. Core services could include national strategic extension: PestSmart Connect platform and national facilitators
Partners Universities, CSIRO, businesses, government agencies, industry organisations, NGOs 3 years+Cash and in-kind contributions for specific programs and projects   Tailored and leveraged collaborative RD&E to tackle specific invasive species challenges
Clients Governments and industry organisations Variable periodCash investment on commercial terms Tailored fee for service, needs based products