The scale and complexity of the pest animal challenge needs a cooperative approach.. High value collaborations are critically important in a time of declining R&D funds.

Over the past decade the Invasive Animals Cooperative Research Centre has been a major force in fostering effective collaboration across Australia and internationally.

Invasive Animals CRC track record: Connecting government, industry, business and universities and achieving results:

  • On track to release the first new rabbit biocontrol in 20 years
  • Developed a new superior freeze-dried delivery system for RHDV that will be easier and cheaper for land managers to use for rabbit control.
  • On track to release Australia’s first carp biocontrol agent
  • Advancing new cutting-edge genetic detection tools to detect invasive predators and highly invasive
  • Delivered the world’s first manufactured feral pig bait (PIGOUT) and pig specific bait delivery system – the HOGHOPPER.
  • Developed a wild dog and fox toxin and manufactured bait (PAPP) with a vet administered BLUEHEALER antidote.
  • Community focused solutions that work – facilitating regional cross-tenure approaches and ‘citizen science’ mapping apps for species such as wild dogs and mice.
  • Provide a one-stop-shop of knowledge products for best practice management of pest animals through the ‘PestSmart Connect’ website.
  • Developing innovative community engagement tools and approaches to enable effective community-led management that works.