The Invasive Animals CRC has been consulting extensively to understand the highest priority needs of end users. These will be met by the CISS research and innovation program and include:

Program Proposed project areas
Prevention, incursions response and eradication
  • Pathway analysis and modeling
  • Developing improved tools for incursions management
  • Next generation DNA based detection techniques
  • National incursions response facilitator
Integrated landscape management to protect assets from established pests
  • Developing improved market based alternatives for pest animal management
  • Developing improved tools and optimisation systems to enable adoption of the most efficient pest animal management
  • Strengthened strategies and tools to promote collective action
  • Pre-emptive sensor surveillance systems
  • Next generation biocontrol technologies for rabbits and carp developed through new accelerated natural selection techniques, and new biocontrol agents for rabbits
  • New and refined control tools and delivery methods
  • PestSmart Connect digital extension toolkit, community engagement and pest monitoring and surveillance application
  • National facilitators for nationally significant pests including wild dogs, rabbits, carp, feral pigs